Best Cordless Screwdrivers Features and Benefits and Applications

The best cordless screwdrivers have many advantages that allow the user to save energy as well as work faster and efficiently. In addition, the cordless screwdriver is portable and much easier on the hand and wrists. These and other benefits make it a very popular tool with professionals, enthusiasts, car owners and homeowners.

Screwdrivers are popular tools that have been in use since the 1400s. The tool has evolved from the manual, pear-shaped handle to the modern powered screwdriver with comfortable rubber handle.
Generally, the electric screwdrivers are either corded or cordless. The electrical or battery power eliminates the need to turn the screwdriver manually hence making it easier and less tiring to use. In particular, a cordless screwdriver uses a rechargeable battery, mostly Lithium ion while a few models use the NiCad.

Typical features of a cordless screwdriver


Shape: The two main types of cordless screwdrivers are the straight and pistol shapes. The straight style is suitable for most basic jobs. The pistol style is ideal for hard to reach areas and awkward angles.

Grip: A comfortable grip on the handle makes it easy to hold and work with the screwdriver and avoid hand strain or fatigue. High quality rubberized material lasts longer and is more comfortable to hold.

Size: There are many different sizes for different tasks. Some are tiny, medium and while others are large and heavy for bigger tasks.

Adequate power: The best cordless screwdriver should address your needs while delivering the right amount of power. Some of the tools are light weight and best suited for light jobs while the heavy duty ones are suitable for jobs requiring high torque.

Spindle lock: to lock the screwdriver into a manual mode

Fixed and variable speed options

LED light to illuminate the work areas

Battery gauge to show remaining charge.


Benefits of cordless screwdrivers


This is one of the main advantages of the cordless screw driver. The tools are usually light and compact. Additionally, one does not have to worry about power issues or cumbersome power cords.
However, you need to make sure that you charge the battery and if need be, carry a spare fully charged battery.


The rechargeable screwdriver is not tied to a specific location and can be used anywhere as long as it is charged. In addition, the tool takes care of jobs where screws are in tight corners.

Safety to users

Since there are no power cables running around the floor or work area, the cordless screwdriver is one of the safest to both the user and the people around.

Efficient and fast

The cordless screwdriver is faster than manual turning of screws and will save you time and allow you to work more efficiently.


The cordless screwdriver is very compact and fits in small spaces such as a bag or purse. This makes it convenient to carry them around and easy to use. Some of these have joints that allow them to bend and access tight corners or areas.

Versatile for different jobs

The cordless screwdriver performs a wide variety of jobs. It is suitable for woodwork, metal and plastic assemblies, repairs and crafting.


Where to use cordless screwdrivers

The cordless screwdrivers provide fast, easier and convenient way of tightening and loosening screws. There is always the best cordless screwdriver for a particular task; some of the tools are suitable for specific professional or complex jobs while others are general purpose. Whether one is looking for a tool for professional repair jobs, woodworking, assembling furniture, electrical or computer jobs, there is always the right tool for the task.

Selecting the best cordless screwdriver

There is a wide selection of rechargeable screwdrivers; each has its merits and pitfalls. The features available will determine the type of job that one is best suited for, what it can do and what it cannot do. Compare different models tools from reputable manufacturers and then choose a screwdriver that is user-friendly, powerful, durable, and have a long battery life.