Best Wingtip Boots Product Details

The best wingtip boots are sturdy, versatile, and long-lasting footwear that matches well with both formal and casual clothing. However, the boots are more casual than formal wear and thus makes great weekend boots, are fit for outdoors, golfing and working in rough conditions such as a construction site.

The normal wingtip boots are usually light enough for casual wear, walking and normal day to day activities. For specific activities such as golfing and for professionals who usually walk or stand all day, customizing features such as adding golfing soles ensures that the wingtip boots perform in a specific environment.

The wingtip boots are available for both men and women.

What are wingtip boots

The wingtip boots are those with a W shape design on the toe cap, most of the best quality are made of natural leather. Some boots combine the W design with varying degrees of perforation on the toe cap, in the center of the toe cap, and on the serration on the edge of the toe cap.

Product details of best wingtip boots

Main parts of a wingtip boot

The best wingtip boots are made of natural leather which ages gracefully, breaths and repels moisture while holding the boot in great shape.  The wingtip boot is carefully crafted using well established and proven techniques. In fact, some manufacturers for wingtip boots such as the Allen Edmonds normally say that they go through a 212 step crafting process to make their boots a success

The main parts of wingtip boots are;


This is the visible outer covering above the sole and designed to offer the protection against impact from objects in addition to give a visual appeal. The best wingtip boot uses natural leather treated to withstand most of the conditions encountered daily while offering the best protection and comfort.


The insole is the softer inner layer that contacts the bottom of the foot. It cushions the foot and is usually made of leather, fur, wool or soft synthetic material.  Also referred to as footbed, the insole is usually removable and replaceable.


A shank provides foot stability by adding support at the waist of the footwear. In addition, it keeps the shape of the shoe intact as well as increasing durability. There are different kinds of shank materials and the choice is largely dependent on the manufacturer and the function of the boot.

The shank is usually a tough piece made of steel metal, nylon or fiberglass. The nylon and fiberglass are lighter compared to metal.


This is the thick spongy layer between the insole and the outsole and designed to provide extra stability and cushion the feet. The midsole stabilizes the boot as well as supporting the foot with shanks. The midsole material is either leather, synthetic or fabric materials.

Some boots like the Wolverine’s Addison wingtip boot features a leather midsole.


This is the bottom part of the wingtip boot that actually contacts the ground. The wingtip boot outsoles are made of rubber, leather, or synthetic materials.

    • The outsole made of leather is usually thick and smooth, and new boots can slide on polished floors or carpet.
    • Rubber soles have good resistance to penetration by debris and rocks while providing good traction and available in various designs. One of these is the popular Vibram sole which is a lug sole made of hard and durable rubber, and which provides the best traction.

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How to buy your best wingtip boots

Some of the upscale shoemakers have stores located in busier metropolitan areas and not widely spread, however, the shoes are easily available for direct purchase from online stores.

Use the search field on the website to look for the wingtip boots. You will get a page with all the listings, customize by selecting preferred material, color, style, price brand or any other option. You will get a listing of the available boots that meet your preference. Go through them and see what is appropriate as your best wingtip boot.

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Taking care of your best wingtip boots

Once you purchase your best wingtip boots, ensure you buy the recommended polishing kit to help you maintain your boots in good shape and ensure that the last for long. By taking good care of the boot, you are assured of long and comfortable service life.


Your best wingtip boot means the right quality, proper fit, and comfort. If you want a good quality boot, ensure that all the materials are organic and the soles are stitched through and around the entire boot.